Top 12 Among Us Tips & Tricks

Top 12 Among Us Tips & Tricks

Posted by Kyle "Red is Sus" Shaw May 7, 2021

Among Us is the social deduction game that went viral this summer. Accessibility and availability of the game made a huge impact on its success and everyone has jumped into the spacesuits of the colorful astronauts. Complete tasks, discover imposters, kill crewmates, sabotage the ship and accuse innocent players! Game is available on PC, Android, or iOS. Mobile version is free to play.

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General Tips

Game features 2 roles on a spaceship heading to the homeplanet. One(or two) of the crewmates has been replaced by a parasitic shapeshifter - The Imposter. Their goal is to eliminate every crewmate and sabotage the ship using vents and deceiving others to stay anonymous.

Crewmate Tips & Tricks

The goal of Crewmates is to complete all tasks as fast as possible. Finding the Impostor is the second goal, as well as discussing and kicking them off the ship. Crewmates who have been killed by an Impostor, or kicked become ghosts. Ghosts can complete tasks and move through walls.

Impostor Tips & Tricks

These Among Us Impostor tips will help you deceive your way to the top. How else are you going to kill your friends and then look other players in the eye when you say it wasn't you? You need to perfect the art of not looking suspicious but not looking too not suspicious, because that's obviously... very sus.

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