Name this New NPC


Info: Marauders were A.I. players that appeared in Chapter 2: Season 3. They spawn randomly from capsules that come out of rifts during matches. They are similar to Henchmen, however they spawn in much lower concentrations and are not limited to guarding a specific location.

About this quiz

What was once an island, has transformed into a archipelago - a bunch of charming and dangerous islands, wasting to be explored by the brave ones. The lower elevations have all been submerged, and and the island now introduces a whole new experience. Season 3’s ‘Splash Down’ theme is distinctly summer-themed. Instead of spies we now have ‘Drifters’. Instead of Deadpool - here comes Aquaman. This season, instead of a spy-base Headquarters, This season’s hub is the brand new action center - The Fortilla. So how well you know Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 3? Challenge yourself with this exclusive quiz to find out.